9 looks and selfies for Instagram

Correctly placing accents, you can only easily wave a makeup brush to completely change your image, turning, for example, from a young nymph to a vamp woman or a good girl who is painted only on very large holidays and exclusively with her mother’s permission. If instagram is a fan, then 9 new bows, selfies and selfies are provided for you, and after you implement them, you can get a lot of likes using instagram auto like hashtag.


Young nymph

A healthy youthful glow of the skin is achieved by combining regular hydration and exfoliation. If your skin, despite all your efforts, does not want to Shine, add it to Shine artificially, using highlighters, shimmers and other meteorites. Here you can not skimp on the application, layering layer by layer, as cameras tend to «eat» the Shine.


Eyebrows are not enough

Eyebrows are known to make a face. Selfies they also do very well, not themselves, of course, but make their own feasible and very significant contribution. Here, even openly Brezhnev eyebrows will look quite interesting. But Marfushiny still better to first properly blend and only eyebrows in make-up and be limited, not forgetting, of course, about the tone, sculpting, Nude lips and slightly darkened eyes with neutral shadows. It looks, of course, like a passport photo, not a sultry self, but this is exactly the effect we wanted, isn’t it?


Where the cheekbones are we going to do?

To answer this question, you should draw in your cheeks and generously walk through the resulting hollows with sculpting powder. You can, of course, replace it with a bronzer, but with a bronzer with a grayish undertone. Having acquired an aristocratic thinness of the face, you should go over the cheeks with blush and slightly shade the eyes with loose shadows. To keep the look fresh, the inner corners of the eyes can be emphasized with the same highlighter.


Matte eye gloss

Choosing a bright matte lipstick for the next selfie, you should take care of the integrity of the entire image. Matte lipstick not only requires perfect application, but also does not tolerate competition with shimmering bright shadows and other too outstanding elements of makeup. If you do not want to get only the lips and only the lips in the photo, emphasize the eyes with cream beige shadows with a light Golden-pink hue.


Neon lips

Bright lacquer lipstick is good both on its own, and with shining cheekbones and generously shaded eyes. Choose an unusual color of shadows, with a departure in gray. Neon with such cold shades is especially good.


Generous artificial tan

Do you want to become a dark-skinned woman, but you are afraid of getting a sunburn, and the thought of photo-aging of the skin does not give you peace of mind? Try on the image of a tanned diva, armed with an artificial wash-off tan or powder and/or Foundation of the appropriate shade. And don’t forget to cover all the parts of the body that fall into the frame with a «tan». Your Instagram followers will appreciate such a rapid and unexpected transformation.


Classics of the genre

If you are too carried away with Instagram experiments, do not forget about the good old disheveled hair, pink lips, smeared shadows and invitingly open mouth. This technique has never let anyone down, whether you are a super-duper-top model, or just a novice instagrammer.

Classics of the genre 2

Her hair was sleek and sleek, her lips were fashionably dark, more corduroy than matte, her eyebrows were good but not too prominent, and her lashes were richly colored or even false. About manicure, too, do not forget. Such a bow, you will agree, is worth a lot.


Cat habits

Seals are still not so popular for nothing. There is something about them that evokes affection, adoration, and a strange desire to please them in everything in the hope of their love and attention. It is unlikely that you will be able to compete with them, but nothing prevents you from adopting their experience. Cat’s eyes, inaccessibility and at the same time waiting for the caress of bliss — a great way to get more likes and comments. If you post such a photo under the tag #cats and #Kote, then you will definitely get heartfelt likes and a wide variety of comments.

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